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Sales Advise #4 - Your Advert Position

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Apart from the design of your advert, the position of you advert is just as important. It will be much easier for a potential buyer to spot your advert if it can be found on the front pages of the Horse Market.

We recently introduced a new feature to the Horse Market which allows you to upgrade your advert (e.g. from a Standard to a Premium Ad). Simply click on "My Horses for Sale", then "Advert Upgrade". There, you can also improve the position of your ad by clicking on "Move Up".

You can move up your advert once at no charge, so why not give it a try? After your free trial, you can always move your ad back up to first place for only 0.99€.

To further improve the position of your advert, we recommend the following:

  • Choose an adequate advert category! Better ads will automatically be positioned further up.
    Power Ads are always ranked first, followed by Premium Ads. Standard Ads are positioned at the lower end of the list.
  • Move your ad up! Every once in a while, it pays off to move your ad back up to the first rank. That way, older adverts will again be into the centre of attention of every potential buyer.
  • Upgrade your ad! If, despite having repositioned your advert, you still don’t notice a significant increase in responses, upgrade your ad to a higher category. Power Ads are the highest category and cannot be further upgraded.

We hope our advice will be of use for improving your advert.