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The Horse Types

Which horse types exist? What is the exact difference between throroughbred and partbred? What about warmblood and draft horses? And what makes a pony a pony? Find your answers on this page.

The Half-Blood

Picture of a Half-Blood

The Coldblood

Picture of a Coldblood

The Pony

Picture of a Pony

The Thoroughbred

Picture of a Thoroughbred

The Warmblood

Picture of a Warmblood

Popular Coldbloods

Some of the most famous Coldbloods:

  • Ramses
  • Scharnitz
  • Schirkan I
  • Verhell

Popular Ponys

Some of the most famous Ponys:

  • Merlin
  • Mumm
  • Balthasar

Popular Thoroughbreds

Some of the most famous Thoroughbreds:

  • Borgia
  • Deep Impact
  • Dono da Raia
  • Nereide
  • Storm Mayor
  • Gharib

Popular Warmbloods

Some of the most famous Warmbloods:

  • Anka
  • Espri
  • Goldfever
  • Sandro Boy
  • Sir Donnerhall
  • Weltmeyer
  • Ratina Z