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The Horse Market for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

The free Horse Market App
of Caballo Horsemarket

Or take a picture using a QR reader app:

The whole horse market.
Now for your mobile.

  • All horses - from leisure horse to jumping horse.
  • Each horse with photos, description, pedigree and map.
  • Simple and direct contact with the seller.

Simple and clear.
Sought and found.

  • Browse in categories such as ponies, foals, or warmblooded.
  • Search by age, height, riding style, breed and more.
  • Sort by distance and find horses in your area.

Bookmark favorite horses.
Available at any time.

  • Mark and remember horses of interest as favorites.
  • Favorites can easily be found again later.
  • View your favorite horses at any time - even offline.