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Prospective clients often approach us to inquire about how long it takes to successfully place a horse.

However, the success of a placement depends on a numerous factors which make it difficult for us to give you a reliable estimate.

While the placement of some horses takes less than 24 hours, for others horses it may take several weeks until we have found a suitable buyer.

The following factors are particularly crucial to the success of a horse placement:

  • How efficient is our communication? Are we able to easily reach you via telephone or email?
  • Are the videos and pictures that you provided illustrative and up-to-date?
  • How realistic is your price expectation?
  • How high are your personal standards to the buyer and your horse’s prospective environment?

These factors can facilitate or delay the process of a horse placement. In addition to that, current demand is obviously an important criterion. Horses for leisure riding, jumping or dressage are usually easier to place than for example Polo horses, because demand varies for different types of horses.

Generally, placements via Caballo Horsemarket are usually quick and successful. Through our connections to stables, competition riders and studs we are usually able to quickly find a suitable buyer for a horse. Just have a look at the experiences that existing clients made with our services!

In any case we can assure you of one thing: you are not taking any risk if you approach us for a horse placement. As long as your horse has not been sold, we will not charge you for our services. For further information, please read more on the procedure of a horse placement with Caballo Horsemarket or just give us a call.


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Franziska M.

"Eine tolle Vermittlung zu einem Top Gestüt mit Erfolg. Die Beratung und der ständige Kontakt waren ..." | read more next


"Ich wollte mich nur nochmal bedanken für den tollen Ablauf. Owi kam sehr gut und pünktlich ..." | read more next

Bernd F.

"Danke für die tolle und schnelle Vermittlung! Hat bestens geklappt." | read more next

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