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The "Extra" with Caballo Horsemarket

Buying horses is a matter of trust. This is why we put the connection between horse and rider first. In order to assure that horse and rider fit well together, we offer our clients talented horses through a symbiosis of personal consultancy and assistance.

We provide our sellers with a network of German and European contacts through which we approach potential buyers in a well-directed manner. We support you actively in finding buyers. Our experience and expertise give Caballo Horsemarket the “Extra”.

Irrespective of if you want to buy or sell a horse – we offer you personal consultancy in addition to a wide range of professional online marketing tools.

We also offer to service you after your transaction has been completed and are happy to answer any question regarding your new horse.

At Caballo Horsemarket, we provide you with the Extra. So take the opportunity to benefit from our direct and personal services.

Caballo Horsemarket - Simply More.


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Nadine Hübner - Our expert is your partner for successful horse mediation.

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What our Customers Say

Nicole F.

"Ich habe mein Pferd über Caballo gekauft von diesem Gestüt in Polen. Es ist alles suuuuper ..." | read more next

Sandra H.

"Sehr geehrte Frau Huebner, vielen Dank fuer die gute Beratung und Vermittlung meines Pferdes !! Ich ..." | read more next

Eva-Maria B.

"Wollte mich nochmals für die tolle Vermittlung bedanken. Die Stute ist bildhübsch und gesund bei uns ..." | read more next

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