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Sales Advices With our ongoing sales advices, we want to help you to make your ads as successful as possible. Our goal is to help you in generating more leads for your ads and at the same time to increase the quality of the requests you receive.

Articles in "Sales Advices"

Sales Advise #4 - Your Advert Position

From the topic Sales Advices

Apart from the design of your advert, the position of you advert is just as important. It will be much easier for a potential buyer to spot your advert if it can be found on the front pages of the Horse Market.We recently introduced a ... | read more next

Sales Advise #3 - A good classified text

From the topic Sales Advices

Together with the photos and the title, an informative description of your horse is crucial for the success of your advert, since it allows the potential buyer to get a detailed impression of your horse. So pay special attention to the content and the wording ... | read more next

Sales Advise #2 - Good Advert Headlines

From the topic Sales Advices

Next to the photo selection, which we discussed in the last edition of the sales advices, the title of your ad is the most effective element to attract attention. So please take the time to quickly think about how you can use headlines to optimise ... | read more next

Sales Advise #1 - Choose the right pictures

From the topic Sales Advices

Clearly! A picture is worth a thousand words This is why ads with an appealing selection of pictures are indeed much more successful - we clearly see that from the visitors' records.  Nevertheless, some ads are still lacking informative pictures and picture titles.Please take this ... | read more next