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Sales Advise #1 - Choose the right pictures

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A picture is worth a thousand words

This is why ads with an appealing selection of pictures are indeed much more successful - we clearly see that from the visitors' records.  Nevertheless, some ads are still lacking informative pictures and picture titles.

Please take this opportunity to learn more about how to increase the success rate of your ads.

General Advice on the Selection of Pictures

Simply ask yourself: would you be willing to travel a long distance to view a horse without having gotten a positive first impression of it? Probably not. You are more likely to simply skip the ad than to request further pictures.

Nothing can convey a better first impression than appealing and informative photos. So use photos to give your ad the competitive edge and to get more responses to your ads.

Here is some advice on how to play to the crowd and to present your horse best.

  • Prepare yourself and your horse for the photo shoot! Think about where and how you want to take the photo. So dress your horse up - just like you were preparing it for a tournament.

  • Make sure your pictures are up-to-date! Your pictures are likely to be rather counter-productive when they are outdated.

  • Take contrasty photos! The positive features of your horse will show more to advantage when the background of the photo is contrasty to its primary colour. For instance, if you have a black horse, try and pick a light background for a picture. Light primary colours appear particularly classy when photographed in front of a dark background. Try it out!

  • Take different and diverse picture of your horse! Your ad should contain at least a close-up photo of the horse's head and a photo taken from the side, showing the horse's conformation. Ideally your ad would contain two photos showing the entire horse - one without saddle and one with saddle and rider.

  • Attach pictures which show your horse at its main disciplines! If you are seeking to sell a jumper, provide the potential buyer with pictures showing you horse while jumping (ideally once with a rider and once without). When advertising a dressage horse you should provide at least one photo that shows the horse's gait.

The Gallery Image

Considering the large number of horses offered on the horse market, the gallery image is a crucial criterion to attract potential buyers. Visitors are more likely to visit an ad with an appealing gallery image which allows them to get a good first impression of the horse.

You should therefore pick a gallery image that sticks out and presents your horse in the best way possible.

Use Image Titles

You can polish your ad by using image titles to convey even more relevant information to the potential buyer:

  • When did you take the photo? By informing the potential buyer when the picture was taken, she or he can get an impression of the development of the horse.

  • Where was the picture taken? Possibly at a tournament or while training? If relevant, provide this information.


The selection of pictures is a decisive criterion for the success of your ad. So take advantage of the possibility to upload high resolution photos and image descriptions on Caballo-Horsemarket.

Make sure to provide contrasty and informative photos of your horse. Take pictures from different angles and chose an interesting gallery image to draw attention to your ad. Also attach a short description with helpful information to the photo.

If you follow our advice, you are likely to register more and more relevant responses to your ads.