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Sales Advise #2 - Good Advert Headlines

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The Headline

Next to the photo selection, which we discussed in the last edition of the sales advices, the title of your ad is the most effective element to attract attention. So please take the time to quickly think about how you can use headlines to optimise your ad.

While there is no standard solution to phrasing titles and headlines, we’ll give you a few useful pieces of advice:

  • Describe your horse. Descriptive adjectives and useful information allow key facts to be conveyed at first glance. With young horses it is advisable to include the breeding.

  • Use clear and concise wording. Narrow your sentences down to the essence. Try to highlight the key features of your horse without much ado.

  • Highlight the strengths of your horse. Breed, height, age – these features are pointed out in every ad. What makes your horse stick out?

  • Be creative. An informative title does not automatically attract attention. The headline „Beautiful Haflinger for sale” does not make your ad stick out. The viewer knows that your horse is for sale because it is offered on a horse market, and the photos of your horse give an impression of the looks of your horse. So try and include attractive details that appeal to the viewer; for example “Well-behaved Haflinger, fond of children, for leisure riding“ or "Well-versed jumper with versatile qualifications”.

  • Make good use of space.  Until recently you could use up to 50 characters for your headline. However, since we know how important the title of your advert is, we extended the available space to 65 characters. Take advantage of that!

We hope that some of those tips will help you with using the title of your ad to your advantage.