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3 weeks, 1 day ago in Horses for Sale

Beautiful baroque pinto mare for leisure and breeding

Corine - a mare straight out of a picture book! Corine is an insanely beautiful baroque pinto mare, who was born in 2013 and is about 164cm tall. ... | read more »

1 month ago in Horses for Sale

Elegant mare for dressage & leisure, first hand!

Fina - lively mare with TOP character Fina is a bright mare who was born in 2019 and is about 164cm tall. A mare that you couldn't imagine ... | read more »

1 month, 2 weeks ago in Horses for Sale

Beginner's pony with great character and great looks!

Star Dancer - beautiful pony with TOP character Star Dancer is a beautiful Dutch Welsh pony who was born in 2016 and is about 147/148cm tall. A gelding ... | read more »