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salesofhorses - Imprint


Company was established in 2012. We work for worldwide sell of sport horses.
We would like to show you our program and personal and business life. We work as a sellers, owners and buyers as well. We are ordinaly people same as our clients what look for horses for themself. We are not anything special and more than people around as. We love our horses for sale same as our future clients. :-) We are trying to show our clients everything about horses for sale same as we would try to buy horses for us. Our horses know everything what they will live with their future owners.

We prepare for them competetion's shedule for sport season, we are teaching them to be delivered safety in trailers, trucks, etc.

Mostly we work with young horses. They pass by basic jumping training of a profi/amateur rider with exclusive feeling for keep the horses with extra disciplinated details and know everything for amateur riders. My colleague is called Jitka Ranglová, she rides horses for 20 years.