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Super relaxed Shetty for sulky riding and promoting


Ad Deactivated / Horse Sold!

Sorry, this ad is no longer active and only available for archive reasons. You cannot get in contact with the owner any longer.

Schoko - called Schoki - is looking for a new home with reliable and motivated people, preferably young women who can appreciate and promote his personality.
Schoki is a Rapp Shetty gelding who wants to please his owner and at times becomes a nerd because he absolutely wants to do everything right. He is very motivated at work, has a lot of "go" and also likes to run independently of work to process his energy. It is therefore also very suitable as a driving pony in front of the sulky (a sulky can be purchased included in the price) and has already gained some experience here. Schoki is always chilled in every situation and is hardly afraid of anything. He doesn't necessarily like children, but for his caregiver he still tolerates them on his back. Since it is very people-oriented, a "use" as a therapy horse would also be conceivable. He was already an auxiliary horse, but actually he wants to be promoted and worked and also actively seeks contact with humans.
In the herd he is dominant and also demands the respect of the herd members. Nevertheless, Schoki likes to act as a mediator among his conspecifics and likes to stay with other high-ranking horses.
It is terrain-proof, loading-pious and blacksmith-pious. He is also a barefoot - the hoof keeper is always enthusiastic about the good quality of his hooves.
Schoki has an immune deficiency which manifests itself in the form of summer eczema. But if he gets his fly blanket in the morning and evening in the summer and reliably gets good mineral food, that's good to get under control!
Chocolate has the following vaccination status: influenza 07/21; tetanus 09/20; Herpes 01/22
The last deworming was 12/22
Schoki is to be sold on behalf of the company, as its owner gives up her business due to lack of time. Optimal would be a new home with someone who dedicates himself to him with full concentration and energy to promote him! No dealers and space before price!

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Tierklinik Bamberg

Rothofer Weg 40
96049 Bamberg

Dr. Gunnar Burczyk

Fixed Phone +49(0)951/601500

Distance ~ 39 km

Tierarztpraxis Dr. Peter Pongs

Im Brühl 1
73485 Unterschneidheim

Dr. Peter Pongs

Fixed Phone +49(0)07966/508

Distance ~ 43 km

Tierärztliche Klinik Dr. Wilhelm Thevis

Steige 9
97234 Reichenberg

Dr. Wilhelm Thevis

Fixed Phone +49(0)931/69017

Distance ~ 59 km

Pferdepraxis Seybold

Kirchsteig 15
90455 Nürnberg-Worzeldorf

Dr. Hans Seybold

Fixed Phone +49(0)911/884415
Mobile Phone +49(0)171/3743328

Distance ~ 70 km

Tierarztpraxis Berghof Wittershausen

Am Berghof 97723
97723 Wittershausen

Dr. Stefan Gleissner

Mobile Phone +49(0)171/7725282

Distance ~ 87 km

Medizinisches Pferdezentrum Stephansmühle

Stephansmühle 3
91161 Hilpoltstein

Meister, Schöberl, Nahr, Schneider

Fixed Phone +49 9174 / 977 404 - 0

Distance ~ 92 km

Pferdeklinik Eckersdorf

Bamberger Straße 33
95488 Eckersdorf

Dr. med. vet. Wolfgang Schill

Fixed Phone +49(0)921/73760

Distance ~ 94 km

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