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Allrounder PRE Wallach for sale


Ad Deactivated / Horse Sold!

Sorry, this ad is no longer active and only available for archive reasons. You cannot get in contact with the owner any longer.

High school, united with impeccable character and best education.

With this gelding, one's breath stops when he enters the riding area.

"PIRO ", a pure-bred PRE with a stick size of approx. 1.65m.

This 8-year-old gelding impresses with his advanced training in dressage and in the field of working equitation.

Immediately ready for use, he shows his talent in the course.

"PIRO" literally dances in the dressage over the riding area, so side passages in the 3GGA, reverse gearing, fore and backhand turns, step gallop transitions, the Spanish step as well as the simple gallop change and Gallopp pirouettes are available.

He also shows a neat technique, with one or the other jump.

In working equitation he knows slalom, traverse tangents, tons, bridge, gate opening and closing and shows an eager work attitude with the Garrocha.

This down-to-earth PRE loves to let your soul dangle for a change in the terrain, likes to go into the water there and is very familiar with the road traffic.

"PIRO" is exemplary and well-educated in its handling.
So he can be cleaned extensively, gives his 4 hooves flawlessly and is very familiar with the day-to-day life of the farm.

Forging and loading is a matter of course for "Hachote".

This exception PRE can be contacted and tested at any time by appointment.

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Enter a ZIP code to find nearby veterinarians (currently germany only):

Tierklinik Telgte

Kiebitzpohl 35
48291 Telgte

Tierärztliche Klinik für Pferde

Fixed Phone +49(0)2504/93320

Distance ~ 47 km

Pferdepraxis Dr. Hassenbürger

Hütte 3
58135 Hagen

Dr. Heinrich-Georg Hassenbürger

Fixed Phone +49(0)2331/902625 ‎

Distance ~ 63 km

Pferdepraxis Delbrück

Lippstädter Straße 63
33129 Delbrück

Dr. med. vet. Jürgen Mathea

Fixed Phone +49(0)5250/935700

Distance ~ 63 km

Tierärztliche Praxis für Pferde

Harsewinkelerstr. 43
33803 Brockhagen

Dres. M. Meyer-Wilmes &. U. Meyer-Wilmes

Fixed Phone +49(0)5204/920955

Distance ~ 65 km

Tierärztliche Praxis für Pferde

Ophoffstr. 52
45768 Marl

Dres. Schellhoff & Tillkorn

Fixed Phone +49 (0) 2365-699 771
Mobile Phone +49(0)2365/699771

Distance ~ 65 km

Tierärztliche Klinik für Pferde Cronau

Nevelstr. 71
44795 Bochum

Dr. med. vet. Marc A. Cronau

Fixed Phone +49(0)234/94332-0

Distance ~ 66 km

Pferdeklinik Sudenhof

Holperdorperstr. 44
49170 Hagen a. T.W.

Dr. Eberhard Mettenleiter

Fixed Phone +49(0)5405/8077-0

Distance ~ 74 km

Tierärztliche Praxis Dr. Heiner Vorbohle

Lange Straße 5
33758 Schloß Holte Stukenbrock

Dr. Heiner Vorbohle

Fixed Phone +49(0)5207/5500

Distance ~ 82 km

Dr. Astrid Lensing

Rhedebrügger Straße 16a
46325 Borken

Fachtierarzt für Pferde

Distance ~ 95 km

Tierklinik Belm

Dulings Breite 16-18
49191 Belm

Dres. Walter Bringewatt & Gerhard Gellermann

Fixed Phone +49(0)5406/3196

Distance ~ 96 km

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Pura Raza Española (PRE)








16.1 hh (Final)


9 years (*2011)


Cat. III (6.979 - 11.632 USD)

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Schooling Level


Fourth Level


Easy Classes



Riding Styles:

  • Dressage
  • Leisure Riding
  • Jumping

Special Abilities:

  • Allround
  • For Beginners
  • For Children and Teenagers
  • Competed




VET Check Available:


X-Ray Class:



  Germany, 59069 Hamm

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