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Some people are looking for specific horses but can't find appropriate ones. Here is a list of the current wanted horse requests of our customers.

Wanted Horse WH001775


I am looking for a horse that can be ridden by any rider. With a long hair, minimum 1.65m

Last update: Jun 28, 2021

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Search Details

Riding Styles:

Baroque, Dressage, Show

Max Price:

29.600 USD




between 5 and 14 years


from 16.1 hh



Caballo Horse

Wanted Horse WH001774

Heart horse/relying horse

I am looking for my daughter, a rather ubsichere and anxious rider a horse that gives her the feeling of security and that works for his rider and forgives even small riding mistakes. A horse that prefers to work through when it notices that its rider becomes insecure and does not seek his salvation in flight. A horse for relaxed rides but also for the hall and square. A horse. In short, simply a total relying horse and to ride by everyone.

Last update: Jun 15, 2021

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Search Details

Riding Styles:

Ground Work, Dressage, Leisure Riding

Max Price:

14.200 USD




between 7 and 12 years


between 15.1 and 16.1 hh


Germany, 92224 and area up to 62.0 mi

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